Treat yourself to the gift of freedom.

Next freedom retreat dates

September 23 to 28
October 11 to 16
November 2 to 7
Nov 30 to Dec 5
January 4 to 9, 2016
Feb 1 to 6

Ongoing individual private retreats Call 760-409-1988 for details.

Freedom Retreat Info

If you are experiencing depression, stress, grief and loss, trauma, chronic fatigue, physical and/or emotional pain, weight problems, relationship difficulties, addictions, anger, and have done everything or nothing - Freedom Retreats of five days may be your answer to reclaim your optimum health.

Tailored by Dr. Sandra Gune', B.S. DC, and psychotherapist Dr. Ramesh Gune, Psy.D. MFT, this unique program activates your body's innate healing energies, helping you to restore a state of balance. By utilizing a wide range of healing modalities, each day you correct your imbalances and move toward a new freedom.

Program offers--

  • Daily gentle, non-forceful Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) Chiropractic treatments to balance mind and body
  • daily Yoga and meditation classes
  • daily body pH balancing
  • Master Cleanse Drink (hot water, lemon/lime, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup)
  • two massages
  • one-on-one therapy to address emotional issues
  • group therapy
  • Transformational and Yogic breathing to release stuck negative emotions
  • safe and results-oriented Yogic and Ayurvedic colon cleansing
  • mineral baths in natural hot springs
  • hike in Joshua Tree National Park
  • Native American Sweat Lodge
  • nutritional workshop
  • movement therapy
  • guidance to map out a future healthy life
  • nature walks
  • journaling
  • silence

  • All inclusive program with your own private room; $2600

"Life Changing"
discojimbo, Denver Sep 1, 2006
A stay at Nurturing Nest changed my life profoundly. In search of a detox retreat, I contacted a number of places offering such programs in Southern California. What sold me on the Nurturing Nest was the response I received from one of the owners when they returned my initial phone call. The owner, a therapist, laid out the program clearly and what I could expect to experience and how I should prepare. He and his wife, a chiropractor, delivered on this experience as promised and much more. What they taught me at the Nurturing Nest is how to take care of myself emotionally, spiritually and physically. And these are lessons I continue to apply daily. It's a fabulous, relaxing program, run by genuinely caring professionals for a fair price. I would recommend this program to anyone - and have - and will return to participate in it again. J.W. Adams Denver, Colorado

"Freedom Retreat Changed My Life"
Pinchegringo, western hemisphere
Aug 22, 2007
After the death of my father I sunk into a pattern of deep depression and substance abuse. I was lost and drifting farther and farther from my friends and family, my life was spiraling downward. Divine intervention came in the form of the Nurturing Nest's Freedom Retreat. Ramesh, Dr Sande and Brother Jim execute an amazing program which had astounding results for me. In 5 days I made more progress in improving my life than I had in 1 year of therapy. I left feeling revived, refreshed and buzzing with energy and drug free- with a renewed hope that I would again have the life I deserve. If you are looking for a spa weekend at the 4 Seasons, this isn't the place for you. If you are looking for a quiet, safe and comforting environment and a place for intense personal introspection, growth and repair, or if you just need a life tune-up...this is the place. I referred my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin to the Nurturing Nest and they also had a great experience. We are all hoping to return soon. I am the exact opposite of the stereotypical yoga retreat/New Age/Alternative Medicine person. I have to admit I was a bit of a skeptic going in, but I was impressed. These are special people who really care about their guests. I plan to make this an annual journey, it is well worth the time and money. For me the experience was priceless.

"Best Week Of My Life"
CEO, Arizona
The Nuturing Nest 5 day retreat changed my life. I have been a CEO for over 20 years, including a billion dollar company. I have been blessed with good fortune in business, I have a wonderful and loving wife, and three great boys. To an outsider, seeing my life, you would want to be me. But inside, I realized that my life had become too hectic, I was totally fatigued, having great difficulty balancing my life, not sleeping well, and in general, I was losing my joy. All of this was preventing me from "living in the now" with inner peace. I was feeling totally alone. Everything I tried, at best, brought me temporary help. I know HUNDREDS of people just like me, with many of my friends going through different therapies, medicines, etc. for years, with little or no help.

But in just 5 days, Nurturing Nest changed my life. I know that what I just wrote seems very hard to believe.....but it is so very true. I discovered what was in my way and I now have clarity, from within, about how to live a life of every moment, no matter what may be occuring.

Nurturing Nest is a lovely, serene place. My room was great, the natural healing waters of the natural spa were like none I have ever experienced, and the owners are so full of love and wisdom, that put all together, cannot be copied. The wisdom of this couple, and their methods of helping a person discover what is blocking a true, fullfilling life, goes way past the many doctorate degrees they have. They are so good because they let you discover the simplicity of it all.

The only gift that I could give to you, is to suggest to you that you make this your very next trip. No matter what your occupation, no matter what your age, no matter what you have as issues, I know that you will discover what "IT" is that is blocking you from happiness and a joyfull life.....something I would guess, is a common goal for us all.

Make your reservation, enjoy the simplistic but beautifulness of the resort, find happiness and send me a mental "thank you" at the end of your stay.

Liked: Quiet, serene, clean, simplistic, great approximity to Joshua Tree Park

Disliked: nothing

"the perfect getaway- the most peaceful place."
Mona Moore, Los Angeles Apr 21, 2007
If you need a place to change your life this is it. The freedom retreat is a chance to re-program your mind body and spirit. The hot springs, the desert, the treatments offered by the owners of the place - all combined it can change your life. This is so much more than a vacation spot. Joshua Tree and much more is in driving distance. This is an adventure of the spirit. I suggest this to anyone who needs to take a break from this crazy paced world we live in. If everyone spent a week at the Nurturing Nest the world would be a better place.

"A Great Place to Decompress"
LosAngelesNester, los angeles Mar 28, 2007
If u are looking for an quiet, simple get-away go to the Nuturing Nest. The nest is a place where time slows down. There are no distractions such as TV or phones. To get the best from the Nest you must be the type of person who is able to slow down and relax completely. The activities available include staring at the clouds in the big, big desert sky and soaking in 2 wonderful mineral pools. Bring a good book and chill out for a few days at the Nest - you will come home feeling energized.

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