Freedom Retreats

Gourmet food and accommodation included in all retreat packages.  Part of your costs for retreats may be covered by your health insurance.

Well-Being Retreat

If you are experiencing depression, stress, grief and loss, trauma, chronic fatigue, physical and/or emotional pain, weight problems, relationship difficulties, addictions, anger, and have done everything or nothing – this retreat is your answer to reclaim your emotional wellbeing and bring the mental, physical and spiritual balance in your life.

This unique program will activate your body’s innate healing energies, helping you to restore a state of balance. By utilizing a wide range of healing modalities, each day we will help you correct your imbalances and move toward a new freedom.

Well-Being Retreats  – $4750 all inclusive cost


Trauma Healing

Exclusively for First responders:
In the past year, we have had several fire fighters, police officers, and former veterans go through our Trauma healing Retreats who have reported amazing results after addressing their PTSD, anxiety, depression, work and family related issues.

We have designed a specific program that uses accelerated treatment methodology that has elicited incredible outcomes. Many first respondents are leading a peaceful and joyous life.

First Responders Trauma Healing Retreat – $4750 all inclusive cost


Freedom From Irritable Bowl Syndrome

More than 40 million people suffer because of Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) and the medical field is at a loss to find a permanent remedy to this illness. Our specially designed program gets to the root of the IBS by applying multiple mind-body therapies and initiating inner spiritual dialogue. We have helped many people lead a IBS free happy life.

IBS Retreat – $4750 all inclusive cost