Treatments Offered at Nurturing Nest


An array of treatments await you at Nurturing Nest.

Relax, self-soothe, discover, recover and heal.

For Body

Total Tune Up:

Opening of body’s blocked energy using gentle chiropractic, pointed massage, energy work and soothing touch. A blissful experience



60 minutes-$120, 90 minutes-$170

Deep Tissue Massage:

Firm hands loosen those stressful knots and work around painful aches, initiating profound relaxation.


60 minutes-$120, 90 minutes $160

Swedish Massage:

A soothing oil massage with kneading, friction and long strokes. Very relaxing as it improves blood circulation and activates mobility.

60 minutes-$100, 90 minutes $140

Thai Massage:

Body compression, rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body, special attention to individual body parts through cracking and pulling. End result is a tension free body and joyful mind.


60 minutes $120, 90 minutes-$170

Activator Chiropractic:

Activator is the #1 low force instrument adjusting technique to free you from back, neck, shoulder, sciatica and other physical pain.


Per session $100 (about 50 minutes)

For Mind


The most sought after psychological treatment to free yourself from trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression and addictions. Offered by Dr. Ramesh Gune’, Psy.D, LMFT



Initial session $250, follow up session $160 (your health insurance may cover some cost)

Meditation and Yogic Breathing:

Meditation and Yogic breathing combined together create lasting effects on balancing the mind and body. This special two hour individual treatment, derived from a psychological/ spiritual lineage from India, will effectively help you transform your life as you take the practice home.

2 hours – $250


Dive deep into your subconscious mind and reprogram your life. Let go of unwanted habits, excel into your career and profession, ace your sports abilities or simply give a new shape to your life.

90 minutes/$190 – Series of 3 sessions $480

Chakra Probe:

Your body holds one of the most powerful energy systems in your Chakras. They are like blueprint of who you are and what you are. By releasing the blocked energy from the disturbed Chakras, you free yourself from the past traumas and pains. Instantly, you will begin to enjoy new freedom.

90 Minutes $225

For Spirit

Circular Breathwork:

Through simple yet powerful rhythmic breathing, access your buried emotional wounds, process deep seated trauma and allow yourself to emerge victorious from your own battles with life. In a safe and supportive environment, gain your freedom, and experience the magic of this profound healing technique.



90 minutes/$200  –  3 sessions $525

Bliss Way:

Learn 7 types of breathing techniques form a mystical yoga tradition and access the beauty of boundless spirit. Go home, practice it daily and stay blissful.

90 minutes-$180